Join the FAB Board of Directors

Join the FAB Board of Directors

FAB 2017 Elections

The elections to the FAB Board of Directors are held annually in October 2017.  This year there were seven nominations for two Director vacancies.  Voting opened on 4 September and closes on 3 October and the successful candidates will be ratified at the AGM on 19 October.  Elections are being conducted on FAB's behalf by the Electoral Reform Service.

Only one nomination was received for the Treasurer vacancy and so subject to ratification at the AGM on 19 October, Esme Winch is elected unopposed. 

Esme Winch photo

Candidate statement from Esme Winch, FAB Treasurer (to be formally elected at AGM on 19 October 2017)

Nominated by FAB Chair, Paul Eeles, Education and Skills Group and FAB Vice Chair,  Terry Fennell, FDQ

NCFE is a registered educational charity employing approx. 320 staff. We offer NCFE / CACHE qualifications ranging from Entry Level up to Level 7, mainly vocational. 

We also have Accreditation services and an International Awarding Service intended for centres outside of the UK. 

NCFE is also an AAO.

I am the Managing Director of the Awarding function and a member of the Group Executive.

Through various restructures to move the business forward, I now act as Chief Financial Officer.

Prior to joining NCFE in January 2016, I was the Principal & Chief Executive of Loughborough College for over 3 years and prior to that the Group Director-Resources at NCG since 2001.

Previously I had an extensive career in retailing including Paperchase and Ralph Lauren. 

I was co-opted to the FAB Board as Director and Treasurer from January 2017 until the AGM in October 2017.

During this time I have attended all of the Board meetings and most of the offsite meetings with key policy bodies.

I would like to be considered as the FAB Treasurer as I am a qualified accountant who understands and has 35 years’ experience of ensuring records and procedures are relevant and robust across a variety of sectors and sizes of institutions. 

I am also experienced in the post 16 educational sector and the behaviours and impact this may have on the finances of the AO sector and its membership body.

I am an experienced company director and company secretary.

 I wish to represent and help strengthen, the voice of the FAB Board and awarding sector, in the current challenging environment.