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    FAB 2017 Awards

    Celebrating success in awarding.

    Entry open to all FAB members.

FAB 2017 Awards 

The FAB 2017 Awards are now open

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Now in its third year, the FAB Awards is the annual date in the calendar to celebrate the positive aspects about your organisation and to give recognition to the individuals that go above and beyond to make it a success.

Entry to the Awards closes at 5pm on 14 July and finalists will be announced in the week commencing 31 July. The winners will be announced at the FAB Awards dinner on 19 October 2017.

Entering an Award is a great way to:

  • Motivate your team or colleague
  • Demonstrate excellence
  • Raise the profile of your organisation
  • Highlight and celebrate the best in our sector

The categories for 2017 are:

  • Awarding Organisation of the Year
  • Qualification of the Year
  • Individual of the Year
  • Team of the Year
  • Innovation of the Year


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 FAB 2017 Award Categories 

Awarding organisation of the year

For the prestigious title of AO of the year we want to know what has made your organisation exceptional this year.  This may be the result of a major new development in the organisation, its qualifications or the way that it works with customers and/or learners. It may be because the organisation has made a major contribution to the development of the awarding industry or to the world of education and skills. The AO of the year will have done more than ‘business as usual’ and be able to showcase the contribution that AOs make to education and skills in the UK. We encourage organisations of all sizes to apply for this award.
We want to know:
  • about the exceptional activity or development that makes your AO different.
  • how this came about and what challenges were faced.
  • what difference it has made to the organisation, centres and/or learners.
  • how this contributes to the development of the awarding industry as a whole.
  • how it demonstrates the value of AOs to the education and skills sector.
  • why you deserve to win this award this year.

Qualification of the year

A qualification can be successful in different ways which can include impressive sales that reflect its popularity, an innovative approach in the qualification, meeting an emerging industry need or making a major impact in a niche sector. It needs to represent the best practice in awarding and so represent the contribution that qualifications make to the education and skills sector. Your nomination needs to highlight what makes the qualification stand out from others offered by your own organisation and others.
We want to know:
  • about the qualification e.g. size, level, overview of content, assessment, target market.
  • how the qualification fits with the other qualifications offered by your organization (if it does).
  • about the need that the qualification was designed to meet.
  • how well the qualification meets that need and possibly has exceeded expectations.
  • any feedback from employers, centres, learners or others about the qualification.
  • what makes the qualification exceptional and so why it deserves to win this year.

Individual of the year

The objective of this award is to recognise an individual employee who has made a significant contribution to the organisation or the awarding industry and works for the best interest of centres, learners and colleagues at all times.
We want to know:
  • how the individual exhibits exemplary service in their daily work and the contribution they make to the organisation, centres, learners and/or the awarding industry. 
  • how the individual shows commitment to quality in carrying out job responsibilities and is an asset to the staff of his/her department.
  • how they take their initiative and carry out additional responsibilities beyond their regular role.
  • how they show a positive attitude toward work responsibilities, co-workers, and customers and serve as a role model for others.
  • why they deserve to win the award this year.

Team of the year

This award acknowledges a team of individuals, who have made a significant contribution and deliver excellent value to their organisation, centres and/or learners during the past year.  The team who win this award will be exceptional – they may have demonstrated excellent customer service and satisfaction, developed effective leading edge practices, implemented an aspect of the business plan that exceeded the original expectations, shown exceptional quality improvement or had a major impact on the organization or the awarding industry as a whole. Delivering a solid business as usual service will not be enough; your team will be consistently delivering excellent practice and/or leading edge ideas. 
We want to know:
  • what the function of the team is and its place within the organisation.
  • how have the team demonstrated excellent practice and/or developed leading edge ideas.
  • what difference has this made to the organisation, centres, learners and/or the awarding industry.
  • what challenges (if any) were faced by the team in developing this excellent leading edge practice and how did they overcome them.
  • why does this team deserve to win the award this year.

Innovation of the year

This award recognises the company that successfully applies any form of innovation, celebrating the ideas that have had the greatest impact on an organisation or industry. 
Whether the innovation is a new product, a service or a culture of improvement, the judges will look for evidence of how the innovation has been developed and applied to improve performance, operational effectiveness or customer engagement to improve the learners’ experience and bring something new to the awarding industry.
We want to know:
  • overview of the Innovation.
  • what research & development was undertaken prior to the launch.
  • how the innovation has helped the organisation, centres and/or learners.
  • how any challenges were faced/overcome.
  • about potential for growth/improvement/further development.
  • why the innovation deserves to win the award this year.

10 tips for entering

  1. Increase your chances of winning by entering more than one Award category or more than one team, innovation, qualification or individual for their respective category. It’s free to enter!

  2. Tell us why your entry deserves to win the award.  Awarding organisations vary hugely in terms of number of employees, turnover, type of organisation, sectors they work in and number of qualifications that they deliver.  Each nomination received will be considered equally.  

  3. Don’t exceed the word count of 1,000 words.  Judges have a lot of entries to consider so keep your entry relevant.

  4. Make sure you submit your entry on time.  The deadline is 5pm on 14 July.  Don’t leave preparing your entry until the last minute.

  5. Use a programme such as Word to prepare your answer so that you can monitor your word count, spell check more easily and proof read before submitting.  Copy and paste your entry to the Surveymonkey form when you are ready to submit it.

  6. Keep your submission focussed, addressing each of the points that we ask for information about.  All entries will state that their organisation, team, qualification, innovation or individual are excellent – give us evidence – quotes from centres, financials or other evidence will help. 

  7. Ask a colleague to proof read your entry before submitting.  Ask them to consider your entry from the perspective of the judges.  It is easy to miss important points that can turn a good entry into an excellent entry.

  8. Always be truthful in the information that you provide.

  9. Don’t just copy and paste information from your website or PR material.  It is important to tailor your information making sure you address the points that we ask information about in each category.

  10. Make sure you enter the right category.  Read the description carefully to help decide which is most appropriate. 


Process for judging the Awards

There are two steps in the process for appointing a winner for each category.  All entries go through a sifting process to agree the finalists.  The entries from the finalists are then considered by our panel of judges.  The decision made by the judges is final.

The finalists will be announced in August and FAB will undertake some PR activity to promote the shortlisted entries.

The winners for each category will be announced at the FAB Awards on 19 October 2017 and will be presented with an Award.  Photos will be taken at the event and we will undertake PR activity with the winners following the conference.  


The FAB 2016 Award winners were:

Awarding Organisation of the Year (Sponsored by Cirrus Assessment)
Chartered Management Institute

Team Contribution of the Year (Sponsored by PSI)
Institute of Directors Professional Standards Team
Qualification of the Year (Sponsored by PSI)
AIM Awards Level 3 Diploma and Extended Diploma in Games, Animation and VFX Skills

Individual Contribution of the Year (Sponsored by Gordon Associates)
Paul Morrison, Quality Manager TQUK

Innovation of the Year (Sponsored by British Council)
YMCA Awards Online Learning Games, YMCA Awards