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FAB Training Course - Essential Social Media Marketing for Awarding Organisations

It's time to take the fear and frustration out of social media. In today's crowded media marketplace, it's tough to rise above the noise.

For small organisations, with limited time and budgets, a savvy approach to social media is the secret to creating sustainable engagement with your audiences.

This unique course for FAB members will show you how...

In 3 weeks you will know how to

  • Make the case for social media
  • Plot your social media strategy
  • Manage your cyber social campaigns
  • Discover helpful tech tools
  • Grow your brand with engaging content
  • Measure results and build on success

Make social media work for you and prove ROI

You know that marketing your organisation through social media isn't an option - it's an absolute must. The problem is that it's not that easy. In fact, it's incredibly challenging.

Social media is a moving target

There are always new platforms to consider. Existing platforms constantly change how they operate. Audiences expect immediate responses online and the need to produce engaging content - whether that's tweets, blog posts, infographics or videos - is never ending.

You may also have a nagging doubt that your Social Media Marketing is not worth it. It's tough to prove the Return On Investment (ROI) of the time and money you spend. Or, if you can, it might be difficult to secure the budget you need. 

Planning for and maintaining an effective social presence can overwhelm the resources of any organisation. Especially those in our industry. 

This is why we’ve put together a bespoke online training course designed just for awarding bodies. 

Join this new FAB social media marketing course and you'll get comprehensive, expert guidance on how to use the latest social media platforms to promote your organisation, reach audiences, and thrive online.

Learn the social media skills you need

On this program, you'll discover how to devise and maintain a successful social media strategy, use the latest tactics for reaching your audience, and use data to make adjustments to future campaigns and activities.

Essential Social Media Marketing will show you how to use the latest techniques to grow your organisation, engage with your audience and further demonstrate your value to them. 

The course includes the following and much more besides:

  • Understand basic functions for most social media tools, including how to get up and running
  • See the benefits of social media tools and which one you should use for specific purposes
  • Calculate the ROI expected from specific tools
  • Make best use of docial media monitoring and analytics​

Essential Social Media Marketing is a highly practical learning experience...

Depending on the course option you choose (see below), the course is delivered through a combination of

  • live webinars
  • professionally produced video tutorials
  • slideshows
  • quizzes
  • checklists
  • helpful how-to guides
  • email and telephone support

PLEASE NOTE: This course is for FAB members only.  Applications from commercial companies will not be accepted. 

This course is right for you if...

  • ​You're a marketer and you want to improve your skills
  • You find yourself overwhelmed by social media
  • You manage your online marketing and advertising budget
  • You're a manager who'd like to get up-to-speed 
  • You'd like to keep your agency on their toes

This course is not right for you if you're a highly experienced digital marketer with several years of digital or social marketing under your belt...

Your Tutor, Andrew Lloyd Gordon

Your Tutor, Andrew Lloyd Gordon

Andrew is an experienced and qualified marketer. He has spent 20+ years in digital marketing and is a trainer for Google's We Are Squared programme and is one of Google's Digital Academy training team.

As a marketing consultant, Andrew understands the challenges organisations face when it comes to digital marketing.

Andrew Lloyd Gordon - LinkedIn Profile and Twitter Profile

What people say about Andrew as a trainer

"Last year I was lucky to visit one of Andrew's lectures on social media. I did not think there will be much that can surprise me; I quickly found out that I was wrong. Andrew demonstrated deep knowledge on the subject and presented his unique point of view. I would strongly recommend working with Andrew on any social media projects."

Krasimira Byalkova, Marketing Manager GSK

"I attended a Social Media course run by Andrew was the trainer. He was personable, engaging, knowledgeable and made the course great fun. He understood the different levels of understanding among the participants and was able to respond to individual needs whilst keeping the rest of the group engaged."

Claire Davis, Birmingham City University

"Andrew's knowledge on digital marketing was impressive and he really seemed to have his finger on the pulse of what was going on in the realms of Social Media. As a direct result of his course I was able to put together my own Social Media Strategy document which has been greeted with enthusiasm and genuine excitement at the possibilities of what lie ahead."

Tracy McAvoy, Marketing Manager, Destin Solutions

"I attended Andrew's course of Social Media Strategy which I found extremely useful. Andrew is a great presenter with really good knowledge not only in social media but in all types of marketing as well. I highly recommend attending the course as it will give everyone a good understanding on all social media tools which I believe is going to be one of the most essential marketing channels for the next years."

Harris Drosopoulos , Global MultiChannel Product Lead at HSBC Retail Banking and Wealth Management

Your 3-week live class schedule

The 60-90 minute classes will take place at 11am on 30 April, 14 May and 21 May. The classes are webinar based, enjoyable and highly interactive. 

The benefit of these live classes is that you're able to ask questions of the tutor and engage with others as you learn. This makes for a richer learning experience and ensures you receive a tailored learning experience. 

Most people don't complete self-study courses.  But because these lessons run on a scheduled basis, you'll make time for learning.

Between each week of the 3-weeks, students are paired with other delegates and set tasks to help embed the learning into their organisation (this can be optional if you prefer). There are also discussion groups and forums where students can ask questions and get extra support.

​Students on the Supported and Guided programmes (see below) can also seek input from Andrew directly via calls and email. 

At the end of the course, Supported and Guided students can gain a certificate. All students will have access to all materials for future reference. 

Here's a flavour of what you'll learn...

Course content

Module 1 - Setting the course

  • How Social Media changed the world
  • Creating your Social Media Plan
  • Building credibility with your target audience

Module 2 - Building a foundation

  • The main players: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram
  • Navigating Google's empire
  • Blogging, Pinterest, Tumblr and Snapchat
  • YouTube, Facebook Live and Podcasting

Module 3 - Beyond the basics

  • Why you still need a website
  • How email marketing plays its part
  • Building your Content Marketing Machine
  • Social Media advertising

This unique course is designed to accelerate your knowledge of digital marketing. You'll gain a fundamental understanding of the key principles and learn how to put together an effective social marketing plan. ​

Plus there are all the supporting material, guidebooks and worksheets you'll need to transform your Social Media Marketing...

You will also get 10 pre-recorded video lessons

In addition to the live lessons, you'll have access to snack-sized video lessons on key subjects that you can watch at any time. 

These will also help your learning and understanding. And you'll have access to them once you're fully enrolled onto the course. Topics covered include:

  1. Departmental integration - getting stakeholders on board
  2. Facebook Pages
  3. Introduction to Hootsuite
  4. Using visual media
  5. Social media monitoring and analytics
  6. The law re. social media marketing including GDPR
  7. How to engage your audience in discussion forums
  8. Choosing a social media agency
  9. Software tools to enhance your social media
  10. Customer service concerns

Choose the course that's right for you

Foundation £250

  • 3-weeks of live lessons
  • 10 pre-recorded video lessons

Supported £500

  • 3-weeks of live lessons
  • 10 pre-recorded video lessons
  • Workbooks, checklists and how-to guides
  • Access to a private members area
  • Final assessment to check learning
  • Certificate of completion
  • Email and telephone support

Guided £1,000

  • 3-weeks of live lessons
  • 10 pre-recorded video lessons
  • Workbooks, checklists and how-to guides
  • Access to a private members area
  • Final assessment to check learning
  • Certificate of completion
  • Email and telephone support
  • A separate 1-on-1 online workshop for your organisation
  • Individualised coaching for your team
  • Production of a comprehensive Marketing Strategy Document

Event Details

Event Date 30-04-2018 11:00 am
Event End Date 21-05-2018 12:30 pm
Location Online