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FAB is the trade association for awarding bodies in the UK and we liaise with key stakeholders, including government departments, regulators and funding agencies to represent the interests of over 135 members.  We provide information, advice and guidance to our members to support them in providing high quality and valued qualifications.

The FAB Weekly Update
The FAB Weekly Update
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    Meetings, events & training
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    Guidance & consultation responses
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  • Why join FAB?


    Which type of membership should I apply for?


    Full membership

    Full members meet the definition of an awarding body

    An awarding body designs, develops, delivers and awards the recognition of learning outcomes (knowledge, skills and/or competences) of an individual following an assessment and quality assurance process that is valued by employers, learners or stakeholders.

    Full member application form
      Full members meet the following Principles:

    • have the necessary resources and expertise to offer qualifications and other validation of learning outcomes to a recognised and transparent standard that meet the needs of learners, employers and stakeholders.
    • ensure that assessment of their qualifications and other validation of learning outcomes is conducted with transparency, fairness, integrity and consistency to the identified standard.
    • qualifications and any other validation of learning outcomes are trusted and valued by those who have an interest in them and which promote equality of opportunity.
    • safeguard the confidentiality of personal data as appropriate.
    • have clear, accessible and fair means of redress when things go wrong.
    • have governance arrangements which effectively monitor, evaluate and seek to improve overall performance.
    • always act in a way which maintains and does not impact adversely on the reputation of FAB.
    • be subject to oversight by a reputable external agency

    Associate membership 

      Who can be an associate member?

      Associate membership is for other organisations that have an interest in our work. That might include suppliers of products and services to awarding bodies, consultancy firms, centres, those involved in the design, development and awarding of qualifications that do not meet our definition of an awarding body and other stakeholders. Associate members must agree to work in accordance with FAB’s Principles of Associate Membership.

      Associate member application form

    Principles of associate membership:

    Associate members will:

    • not act in a way that brings FAB into disrepute
    • be subject to some form of external scrutiny including client feedback
    • contribute in a mutually beneficial way to the activities and policy of FAB
    • not misrepresent the nature of our membership of FAB when selling or marketing their products and/or services to FAB and/or its members


    Membership fees

    The membership fee for all awarding organisations, whether full or associate members is:

    • Band 1 (up to 2,000 certifications per year) £1,290 per year
    • Band 2 (2,000 - 10,000 certifications per year) £1,730 per year
    • Band 3 (10,000 - 50,000 certifications per year) £2,525 per year
    • Band 4 (over 50,000 certifications per year) £4,310 per year

    The associate membership fee for suppliers and other stakeholders is £1,290 per year.

    What counts as a certification?

    Certifications relate to certificates issued to recognise learning outcomes that have been assessed and quality assured by the member – this will normally be qualifications but may include other certifications such as apprenticeship end-tests.

    Awarding organisations that are not recognised by Ofqual, SQA, CCEA or the Welsh Government should base this on non-regulated qualifications offered in the UK and internationally, therefore including bespoke qualifications developed for employers, providers or other customers. Awarding organisations that are recognised by Ofqual, SQA, CCEA or the Welsh Government should base their certifications on regulated provision only.

    Vocational certifications are determined by what they are not – they do not include GCSEs, A-levels, IGCSEs, International Advanced levels, Scottish National qualifications. This is because FAB does not represent members in relation to these qualifications.

    Training programmes kite-marked by the member would not be included as these are not assessed by the member. Qualifications offered as part of an Apprenticeship would count.