The Gig Economy and IR35

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The Gig Economy and IR35

10.15 - 11.00

Tuesday, 08 May 2018

The Gig Economy and IR35 - understanding the categories of employment status and the related tax implications 

In this webinar members of the BWB team will provide delegates with a clear and practical understanding of: 
  • The categories of employment status and how to distinguish between them 
  • The different rights that apply to each category 
  • Understanding and maintaining the distinction 
  • The tax implications of employment status including use of personal service companies and “IR35”. 
Understanding the employment status of your staff is crucial, not least because it determines the extent of your legal obligations. A lot of recent media attention has focused on the gig economy (i.e. contracts with individuals such as, potentially, examiners) and the growing trend towards flexible working practices. These arrangements have sparked considerable debate and focused the gaze of the public (and HMRC) towards employers who are perceived to be exploiting their workforce through sham categorisation. 

As in 2017, developments in the gig economy are likely to remain a hallmark of the year ahead with the awaited government response to the Taylor review, the upcoming hearings in Pimlico Plumbers Ltd v Smith (Supreme court), and the ongoing Uber case (which is due to be heard by The Court of Appeal later this year).