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The Federation of Awarding Bodies is the collective voice of the UK’s world-class qualifications and assessments industry. Our members are committed to providing high-quality qualifications and assessments that recognise achievement, improve productivity, support social mobility and change lives.

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Peridot Partners

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  • April 26, 2021
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    Leading change

    The research and policy development hub for the awarding and assessment industry, providing information, ideas and advice on qualifications and assessment policy.


    Supporting Excellence

    The national learning and professional resource for the awarding and assessment industry, providing support for the provision of high-quality qualifications and assessments.

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    The Federation of Awarding Bodies is the collective voice of the UK’s awarding and assessment industry. Join our network today to be part of a powerful trade association.

    Membership is available for awarding bodies and end-point assessment organisations based in the UK and internationally. By working together, we can help you realise your goals of providing a world-class qualifications and assessment offer to your customers.

    A wide range of organisations have an interest in the qualifications and assessment industry, including suppliers, consultants and other stakeholders. All are welcome to join us and play an active role in leading change and supporting excellence.

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    Interesting tender opportunity for @AwardingBodies!

    🤩 Fantastic news! We are all @AwardingBodies so proud of our sponsor, of the @SkillsWorldLive radio show! 👏🎉

    ✍️ Academy Training Course: Multiple Choice Question Writing

    This course is suited to those who have had some contact with multiple choice questions and need to understand when it is appropriate to use them as an assessment method.

    Find out more here:

    This is an important consultation. *Flexi-apprenticeships* could provide a major boost to workers who are not defined by a single employer; or 40 hours per week.👇