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Our vision is of a powerful trade association representing the collective interests of the UK’s qualifications and assessments industry. We envisage a world in which higher-quality technical, professional and vocational education, results in stronger public confidence in what we do.


Our mission is to be the collective voice of the UK’s qualifications and assessments industry.


The Federation’s Articles of Association were last updated in July 2019.

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Raise the value of qualifications and assessments so that policy-makers and the wider public understand the transformative role our members play in improving the UK’s education and skills landscape.

Influence the on-going apprenticeship reforms in England by ensuring that a more consistent and single quality assurance framework is adopted in relation to end-point assessment.

Contribute to the successful roll-out of new T-Levels in England by encouraging diversity and market choice for educators, employers and students.

Mitigate the risks of regulatory impact and cost burdens on our members by acting pro-actively and earlier in discussions with government and regulators, UK-wide.

Support all our members in a time of rapid change and promote the export growth and potential of the industry internationally.


The Federation is the collective voice of the awarding and assessment sector. Our full members are awarding organisations and end-point assessment organisations that are regulated by one of the public regulators governing qualifications in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland (i.e. Ofqual, SQA, Qualifications Wales and CCEA).

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The Federation of Awarding Bodies is the collective voice of the UK’s qualifications and assessments industry. Join our network today to be part of a powerful trade association. By working together, we can help you realise your goals of providing a world-class qualifications and assessment offer to your customers.

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Tom Bewick


Tom Bewick is the Chief Executive and Company Secretary of the Federation of Awarding Bodies, the collective voice of the UK’s world-class qualifications and assessment industry. Tom is passionate about the value of qualifications. He left school initially with just one pass grade at O level, the equivalent of GCSE. But thanks to night school and a second chance he achieved a world-class bachelor’s degree and a public policy masters from the University of Bath.

Karen Daws

Karen Daws

Executive Director (Policy, Operations and Membership)

Luise Ruddick

Luise Ruddick

Policy Officer

Zeid Hussein

Zeid Hussein

Policy Officer

Ellie Hanson

Ellie Hanson

Digital and Marketing Officer

Sarah Allen

Sarah Allen

Events and Executive Officer

Our Associates

Dr Rebecca Conway

Dr Rebecca Conway

Associate Research Fellow


Kirstie Donnelly MBE


Chief Executive at City & Guilds

Kirstie Donnelly is Chief Executive at City & Guilds Group, responsible for City & Guilds, ILM and DigitalMe brands operating globally. She joined City & Guilds Group in 2011 and has worked at the forefront of skills and education for 30 years.

Alan Woods OBE


Chief Executive at VTCT

Having joined VTCT in January 2016 as CEO, Alan’s vision for technical and vocational education, including apprenticeships, is accurately reflected in all that VTCT and iTEC as a charity sets out to achieve.

Charlotte Bosworth


Managing Director at Innovate Awarding

Charlotte is Managing Director of Innovate Awarding. Charlotte was previously Director of Skills and Employment at OCR Examinations/Cambridge Assessment. Charlotte’s career within Education commenced in 1996 with RSA Examinations Board and she has vast experience in curriculum, assessment and qualification design.

Olivia Bussey


Head of Quality and Compliance at NCC Education

Olivia Bussey is the Head of Quality and Compliance for NCC Education, an awarding body and international provider of British education in Computing and Business.

As the Responsible Officer for an organisation working with a global network of Centres and Universities, Olivia provides effective and practical recommendations, support and advice to senior management whilst modifying, improving, and strengthening compliance arrangements with Ofqual, Qualification Wales and overseas regulators.

Paul Byrne


Chief Operating Officer at CABWI Awarding Body

Paul is Chief Operating Officer of CABWI Awarding Body, responsible for the day to day running of all aspects of the business.  CABWI is a small awarding organisation providing vocational qualifications to the water and utilities industry, with a clear focus on the engineering sector, that has its own challenges.

David Gallagher


Chief Executive Officer at NCFE

David Gallagher is Chief Executive Officer at NCFE, a leading educational charity with business operations in Awarding, Assessment and Learning Technologies and Resources.

David has enjoyed a successful career in employment and skills for over 18 years. His diverse experience spans from the public sector, working for the Learning and Skills Council (now ESFA), to frontline delivery for several leading employment and skills providers in some of the most disadvantaged communities in the UK.

Simon James


Chief Financial Officer at Institute for the Motor Industry

Simon James was elected as Treasurer of the Federation in October 2018.

Simon brings practical and technical knowledge gained in CFO, Finance and Risk roles over the last 27 years, Awarding Body environment in the last 3 years and Qualified Chartered Accountant and MBA studies.

Candace Miller


Managing Director at SFJ Awards

Candace Miller took up the reins as Managing Director at SFJ Awards in 2020, bringing a wealth of sector expertise and a passion for excellence in vocational education and training to the role. Her deep-rooted conviction in the power of learning to change lives and her absolute commitment to quality is what drives Candace’s leadership of SFJ Awards. That drive is seen in every facet of SFJ Awards’ work, not least in the confidence, expertise and impact of those whose skills in delivering services for public benefit are recognised through SFJ Awards qualifications and assessments.

Marianne Phillips


Executive Director for Quality and Standards at Trinity College London (TCL)

In 2016 Marianne started working for Trinity College London (TCL) as their Executive Director for Quality and Standards and a member of the Executive Leadership Team.

TCL is one of the larger AOs, delivering c 800k qualifications worldwide across 67 countries in English Language, Music and the Performing Arts. Unlike many other larger AOs most of our qualifications do not attract government funding and we do not offer apprenticeships.

Vida Stewart


Deputy Chief Executive Officer at Laser Learning Awards

Vida has worked in education for over 25 years, of which over 20 have been working directly for, or very closely with, AOs.  She is currently Deputy CEO at Laser Learning Awards, working closely with the CEO on strategy, planning, budget setting, financial management and leadership of the organisation, and she has responsibility for Ofqual regulated, and unregulated, business.

Fiona Summers


Head of Quality and Compliance at YMCA Awards

Fiona has worked in education for 20 years, originally in Higher Education as a Lecturer and Researcher and in the Awarding Organisation Sector since 2010, specialising in quality assurance, assessment validity and regulatory compliance. In 2015 she joined YMCA Awards where she heads up the quality and compliance functions across the organisation.

Greg Warman


Chief Operating Officer & Chairman at VetSkill

Greg joined VetSkill in 2014 and led the company through the challenging process of securing accreditation with Ofqual, CCEA, DEFRA (VMD) and Open awards, and recently through the transition as an EPAO to Ofqual. Previously Greg spent 41 years in the banking industry specialising in small and growing businesses, particularly within the rural community of East Anglia.

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Awarding bodies design, develop, deliver and award the recognition of learning outcomes of learners following an assessment

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A qualification gives a reliable indication of a learner’s knowledge, skills or understanding, as demonstrated through a reliable assessment method

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