Fiona Summers, Non-Executive Director


Fiona Summers is the Head of Quality and Compliance and Responsible Officer for YMCA Awards. She was elected to the FAB Board of Directors in October 2017.

YMCA Awards is a niche awarding organisation, specialising in regulated qualifications in the Fitness and Active Leisure sectors, which is particularly known for its development of innovative digital learning and assessment resources. It is part of the wider group Central YMCA: a large, charitable organisation working across England in apprenticeships, training, health and wellbeing.

Fiona has worked in education for 20 years, originally in Higher Education as a Lecturer and Researcher and in the Awarding Organisation Sector since 2010, specialising in quality assurance, assessment validity and regulatory compliance. In 2015 she joined YMCA Awards where she heads up the quality and compliance functions across the organisation. She holds a Masters and PhD from the University of Lancaster and the Cambridge University Certificate in Principles and Practices of Assessment.

Through attending FAB group meetings over many years and networking with colleagues in the awarding sector at other external events, Fiona has built up a detailed understanding of the key issues that concern the awarding organisation sector. Fiona believes that FAB have an instrumental role to play in representing its members concerns and views in ongoing debates regarding policy, regulation and funding, building productive dialogue across the many stakeholders in the further education sector.

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