Paul Byrne, Non-Executive Director


I am the Chief Operating Officer of CABWI Awarding Body, responsible for the day to day running of all aspects of the business.  CABWI is a small awarding organisation providing vocational qualifications to the water and utilities industry, with a clear focus on the engineering sector, that has its own challenges.

The awarding organisation landscape is likely to undergo major change with the introduction of qualifications being provided by a single organisation.  The time to represent the small awarding organisation who makes up the majority of our marketplace, and provides employers with a choice, has never been more important.  If successful in being appointed to the FAB Board, I would provide this representation.

However, before joining CABWI I was Head of Operations at a much larger awarding organisation, so I am aware of the challenges faced by both large and small organisations.  I have also been a licensed centre and have therefore sat on ?both sides of the fence?, which is invaluable in understanding the interface with centres and the relationship they have with their awarding organisation.

In addition to a broad knowledge of the awarding sector, my key strengths are an in-depth commercial background with excellent sales and marketing skills, as well as a thorough understanding of the role IT plays in business and the benefits it can bring.