Awarding Bodies need to adopt better prevention techniques – Independent Malpractice Commission

In this episode of SkillsWorld, Tom Bewick caught up with Sir John Dunford, former Chair of the Independent Commission on Examination Malpractice. 

Candidate malpractice affects around 0.02% of UK-based examinations each year, representing a tiny proportion of certificates awarded. However, the impact of malpractice is “disproportionately damaging” on the reputation of awarding bodies and exam boards; as well as undermining public confidence in the system as a whole. 

Sir John said that tabloid headlines about banning smart watches from examination halls had glossed over some of the other significant recommendations of his report. These included the need for all awarding bodies, large and small, to adopt measures to tackle malpractice at source. “Prevention is better than cure”, he said. Vocational and technical awarding bodies, including centres, are just as subject to the recommendations of the Commission as the academic boards.

Listen to the full interview here.

Download the report here.