Introducing: EPA Weekly

Today we are launching EPA Weekly, the flagship publication for End Point Assessment organisations.  

End-Point Assessment (EPA) is one of the biggest changes to England’s apprenticeship system since the reforms were first introduced in 2013. Instead of measuring the progress of an apprentice novice throughout the duration of a programme, EPA is a robust, independent model of assessment, that employers will submit their apprentices to on completion of an approved industry standard. By testing against the standard, it means that individuals are able to reach occupational competence in it. Just like the driving test, it also means the standard remains universal (i.e. the Highway Code); and crucially, it ensures a separation between the providers carrying out the training from the organisations — EPAOs — who carry out the professional assessments. There are currently 268 approved End-Point Assessment Organisations registered to deliver EPA.

For this reason, FAB is evolving as a trade body: not only to continue to serve the needs of our regulated Awarding Organisations (AOs), but to represent and serve the needs of a growing EPAO community as well.

The publication aims to keep EPAOs up to date with the top stories and breaking news that affects you and your customers.  

The first issue will be emailed out to the key contact within our EPA members this afternoon, but all members can access the publication here.