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Consultancy Services

The Federation has partnered with Creatio to provide members with specialist consultancy services to awarding and assessment organisations. Creatio have unparalleled expertise gained from working with over 80 awarding organisations across a range of areas.

Contact Creatio today by email at [email protected] or phone +44 (0) 7985 193 541

Here are just some of the ways in which Creatio can support you.

Consultancy services

Are you working towards obtaining AO Recognition from Ofqual and other regulators? Creatio have guided more organisations through the process than any other company.

Do you need to identify your level of regulatory compliance? Creatio undertake independent audits of Awarding Organisations all the time to help inform their statements of compliance.

Are you facing internal or external regulatory difficulties, risk of possible non-compliance, or audits or sanctions? Creatio support awarding organisations to help navigate and minimise those risks.

Do you need to strengthen your CASS and governance arrangements? Creatio can provide formal and informal reviews.

Any other requirements? Creatio regularly support awarding organisations in complying with regulatory requests or applying new regulatory requirements.

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Prefer to contract directly with a consultant?


For members that would prefer to contract directly with a consultant, we have provided a list below. Please note that the listing of these consultants does not infer any endorsement or quality check having been undertaken by the Federation.