Supporting Excellence

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Please note that the listing of these consultants does not infer any endorsement or quality check having been undertaken by the Federation.

Peter Bennett

Peter deals specifically with the design, development and management of examinations and assessment programmes for awarding bodies, professional bodies and internal company use. He has recently been appointed as an … Continue reading Peter Bennett

Eloise Burton

Training and qualifications for your EQAs and IQAs I’m passionate about helping Awarding Organisations teams be fully aware of the roles and how they contribute to the ultimate rigour and … Continue reading Eloise Burton

Jeremy Carter

For Awarding Organisations, competition for learners is fierce. At the same time, digital transformation, globalisation and the platform economy are all driving change at an unprecedented rate. To remain agile … Continue reading Jeremy Carter

Geoff Chapman

Geoff helps awarding body executives and exam owners with their assessment and learning technology choices. Geoff supports customers needing to change their existing assessment and learning strategy, processes, procedures and … Continue reading Geoff Chapman

Denise Clarke

I have over 25 years experience in developing qualifications, performance standards and competency frameworks in various formats to meet client needs including awarding bodies, professional bodies, government departments and agencies … Continue reading Denise Clarke

Denise Edens

Denise Edens offers freelance services to awarding organisations through her company, Edens Education Ltd. Services include: Developing vocational qualifications and units Writing and reviewing assignments, examination items and mark schemes … Continue reading Denise Edens

Caroline Hughes

My recent focus has been on education regulation and audit; I also work on qualification development in all its aspects. Recent projects include internally reviewing awarding bodies’ regulatory compliance, advising … Continue reading Caroline Hughes

Denise Sedgwick

I offer freelance services to awarding organisations with a focus on the design, development and management of qualifications, examinations and assessment programmes. I am an experienced professional possessing excellent organisational … Continue reading Denise Sedgwick

Paul Smith

As an Awarding Organisation you will be aware of the pressures associated with maintaining compliance with the regulatory conditions as well as managing the Responsible Officer role, submitting the annual … Continue reading Paul Smith