Keeley Turton, Managing Director, Ever Tree Training

Independence – A brief introduction to what this is and why it is important (impact of not having it)

Internal independence – importance of having independent/separate teams, policies and procedures in place and what these should include, importance of keeping delivery and assessment functions completely separate 

External support – working with EQA and other organisations to ensure you follow best practice and have governance in place

Conflicts of interest and how these can impact on independence. How to minimise and deal with conflicts of interest – both internal and external. Sign post to guides/further sources of information

Keeley started her career working in the health and social care sector, before becoming a training adviser, and quality and compliance specialist.  She founded Ever Tree based on her passion and belief that quality training and support can be instrumental to the development and well being of employees across all sectors and is imperative for sustainable growth and success. Community and team work are her core values and the driving force behind the Ever Tree brand.