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Training Programme

Get the knowledge and skills you need to succeed in the qualifications and assessment industry.

The Academy Training Programme includes courses on an introduction to the awarding sector, an introduction to developing qualifications, multiple choice question writing, malpractice investigation management, media training and more.

Current Available Courses:

New to the awarding industry?

Our Introduction to the Awarding Sector and Introduction to Developing Qualifications courses are a popular induction to the industry and will be relevant to you if you are new to the sector, or have changed your role within your awarding organisation and want to understand more about awarding and qualifications development.

If your awarding organisation would like to discuss how to include these courses into your induction programme contact [email protected]

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Our Malpractice courses are ideally suited to those who are relatively new to dealing with cases of malpractice and who need to understand issues relating to malpractice and the steps that can be taken to investigate suspected incidents of malpractice. It is also suited to those who play a supporting role in the investigation of malpractice and associated interviews. The Introduction to Malpractice Investigation Management training is a one day course which support progress to our Malpractice Investigation Interviewing and Management.

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Handling enquiries, complaints and appeals

This course is for those that have overarching responsibility for the operation of effective procedures and processes and are accountable to the regulator. You may be a manager or team leader responsible for handling one or more of enquiries, complaints and appeals or be part of a team that is expected to handle any such issues effectively and with clarity and competence.

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Multiple Choice Question Writing

Our Multiple Choice Question Writing training provides delegates with an introduction to the theory of writing multiple choice questions, how questions are constructed and common errors to avoid in question development. During the course you will practise basic question writing and discuss issues that arise with the tutor and peers. The course is suited to those who have had some contact with multiple choice questions and need to understand when it is appropriate to use them as an assessment method, how they are constructed and the common pitfalls to avoid.

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Can’t see the training that you are looking for?

We are in the process of developing our training offer which will include online learning. If you can’t see what you are looking for please contact us and we consider whether we can include it as part of our future training programme.

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