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Introductory courses

Introduction to Developing Qualifications

This course is designed to provide an introduction to the building blocks and approach to developing vocational qualifications. The course will include both trainer input and hands on exercises for delegates to practise qualification and sample assessment material development.

The course is suitable for those staff within awarding organisation who are new to developing qualifications. It will also be suitable for those members of staff who work in other teams within awarding organisations, such as assessment or administration, who would like to know more about the work their colleagues do to develop qualifications. It has been designed as an introduction so is not likely to add value for members of qualification development teams who have extensive experience in the role.

The training will help delegates to:

  • Understand how to shape a qualification
  • Practise developing units with learning outcomes and assessment criteria
  • Identify suitable assessment methods
  • How to level a qualification and estimate GLH and TQT values.

All upcoming courses will be delivered online via Zoom.

Indicative Agenda

Introduction to the Awarding Sector

This training day is designed to give those who are new to the regulated awarding sector an introduction to the work of awarding organisations (AOs) and some of the current challenges they face. It can form a useful part of staff induction and it may also be useful to those staff who may have worked in awarding organisations, though not necessarily in roles related directly to the delivery and award of qualifications, who now wish to expand their understanding of an awarding organisation’s role and responsibilities.

The purpose of the day is to explain the priorities of AOs as well as their obligations to third parties including: stakeholders, regulators, centres and other customers. The day will also provide an overview of the key regulatory areas and how they should be managed for effectiveness and compliance. The course also provides a short introduction to qualification design and assessment characteristics.

Although the content of the day will touch on aspects of regulation in Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, the main focus will be on regulation in England.

All upcoming courses will be delivered online via Zoom.

Indicative agenda