FAB statement on results week 2021

August 10, 2021

Commenting on the publication of level 2 and level 3 qualification results this week, the Federation’s Chief Executive, Tom Bewick, said:

“On behalf of the Federation, I would like to congratulate all learners across the UK who have received their level 2 or level 3 qualification results. I hope you’re proud of your significant achievement and can now take the next step in your journey – whether that’s into further education or the world of work.

“While many learners will use their results to get into university later this year, many others will take a different path. We welcome the recent commitment from UCAS to improve information and their services for those seeking to progress from level 3 study to an apprenticeship instead of a traditional university degree.

“Unlike GCSE and A Levels, vocational and technical qualification results are released throughout the year to meet the needs of a broad range of learners and employers. While the spotlight isn’t always on achievement outside of ‘results days’, we must celebrate the accomplishments of every learner who has completed a qualification or apprenticeship this year – overcoming national lockdowns and closures to schools, colleges, training providers and workplaces.

“In addition to the determination shown by learners, the many thousands of educational successes this year were made possible by the hard work and commitment of teachers, tutors, assessors, support staff and colleagues at awarding organisations and EPAOs. Thank you to them all for their expertise and dedication.”