Associate membership of the Federation of Awarding Bodies

Associate membership is available to awarding bodies and end-point assessment organisations that are not regulated by one of the public regulators governing qualifications in the UK, but have their status conferred by a public authority (e.g. Privy Council, QAA, ESFA). This includes organisations outside the UK that have their status conferred by public authorities in the countries in which they operate, e.g. NSDC in India. By joining the Federation, you become part of a powerful industry association. Together we will realise our vision of a world in which higher-quality technical, professional and vocational education, results in stronger public confidence and economic growth.

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Benefits of Associate Membership

  • QualsMatter A weekly newsletter packed full of relevant and timely industry news.
  • EPA Weekly A weekly newsletter aimed at end point assessment organisations.
  • Meetings, events & training Free attendance at meetings and events and discounted rates at our annual conference and training courses.
  • Webinars Access to free upcoming and past webinars.
  • Guidance & consultation responses Access to guidance and our policy documents on the member’s website.
  • Consultants & Suppliers list Access to a list of consultants and suppliers who specialise in matters relating to vocational qualifications.
  • Advertise/search job vacancies Discounted advertising of your job vacancies on our website.
  • Legal package Access to a support package of legal advice specifically for awarding and assessment organisations.
  • Business support service HR, tax, health & safety and legal advice line/website to assist your wider business activity.

Membership Bands and Fees

Your associate membership subscription band and corresponding fee will be determined by your most recent annual number of vocational qualification certificates and successful end-point assessment tests.

  • Band 1 (up to 2,000 annual certifications/apprenticeship end tests) £1,370 + VAT per year
  • Band 2 (2,000 – 10,000 annual certifications/apprenticeships end tests) £1,840 + VAT per year
  • Band 3 (10,000 – 50,000 annual certifications/apprenticeship end tests) £2,680 +VAT per year
  • Band 4 (over 50,000 annual certifications/apprenticeship end tests) £4,580 +VAT per year


Please note that from 1 April 2021, the Board of Directors have agreed to implement a fee and band freeze for all renewals. This will be in place for one year, when it will be subject to review by Board.


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