Associate Member Application

Associate membership is available to awarding bodies and end-point assessment organisations that have their status conferred by a public authority (e.g. Privy Council, QAA, ESFA). This includes organisations outside the UK that have their status conferred by public authorities in the countries in which they operate, e.g. NSDC in India. By joining the Federation, you become part of a powerful industry association. Together we will realise our vision of a world in which higher-quality technical, professional and vocational education, results in stronger public confidence and economic growth.

Associate Member Registration

  • 1. Public authority

  • 2. Organisation details

    Please provide the following details for your organisation.

    Subject to this application being successful, your organisation's details will be included in its entry on our register of members.
  • 3. Main Contact

    The main contact within your organisation will be the person that acts on behalf of your organisation in relation to formal Federation matters.

    To apply for membership on behalf of your organisation, you must have the authority to do so. Subject to this application being successful, you will formally be the main contact between the Federation and your organisation, i.e., the person that will act on behalf of your organisation in relation to formal Federation matters.

    The email address and password you provide here will be your login details for the member content on our website.
  • 4. Subscription Bands

    Membership subscription fees are payable annually on the anniversary of joining. Your full membership subscription fee will be determined by your most recent annual (October to September) number of qualification certificates and successful end-point assessment tests.
  • 5. Terms & Conditions

    All members agree to be bound by our articles of association, rules and by-laws and to act in accordance with our principles of membership

    In line with our Articles of Association in the event of the Federation winding up, all current members or members that have left within one year undertake to contribute to the costs, charges and expenses of winding up the Company of not more than £1.

    Additionally, all members agree to pay the subscription fee within 10 days of their application being successful and, thereafter, to pay any membership fee levied in accordance with the rules of the company.

    In line with our Articles of Association, members agree to give the Federation one month’s notice if they do not want to renew their membership at their next annual renewal point.

    If you have a promotional code for a free trial you will be able to input this on the final payment page.
  • 6. Privacy Policy

  • We process personal information to enable us to provide representative and support services to qualifications and assessment organisations and related stakeholders, to promote our services, to maintain our own accounts and records and to support and manage our employees. We sometimes need to share the personal information we process with the individuals themselves and also with other organisations such as suppliers and service providers. Where this is necessary, we are required to comply with all aspects of the Data Protection Act (DPA), Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulation (PECR) and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as it applies. Further information about our privacy practices can be found here: privacy policy.
  • 7. Additional Information

  • 8. Communications