Latest update on delivering education, training & assessment during lockdown in the UK

You can find current guidance for the lockdown in England here. The legislation in England does make provision for those who are attending education or training and therefore some short courses, in particular, may be unaffected.

There have been announcements across the devolved administrations this week on easing lockdown restrictions.

England has announced that all learners will return to face-to-face education in schools and colleges (and presumably, training providers) from 8 March. Lockdown restrictions are scheduled to end from 21 March as part of a phased removal of restrictions. More information is available here. Updated guidance for schools and colleges on reopening has been published.                                                        

In Northern Ireland, lockdown restrictions will be extended until 1 April but some learners (primary 1 to primary 3) will return to school from 8 March. They will go back to remote learning on  22 March to allow Year 12 to 14 pupils to return to school. Pre-school, nursery and primary schools pupils in primary 1 to 3 will then return to full-time face-to-face teaching after the Easter holidays along with years 12-14. Advice for further education students can be found here.  

In Scotland, lockdown will stay in place until at least 5 April. However, some school children will return from 15 March and there will be a phased return for universities and colleges. The updated Strategic Framework, which details how lockdown will be eased, is available here.  

Finally, in Wales, a phased return to school and vocational training commenced on 22 February for a small number of learners with all learners scheduled to be back in their educational settings after Easter. Guidance on educational settings in Wales can be found here.

Last updated 24 February 2021