Key resources on delivering education, training and assessment during local and national restrictions

Education is exempt from the one-month lockdown in England, which is scheduled to run between 5 November and 2 December. We will update the guidance on this page as more information becomes available.

The legislation on the restrictions confirms that education and training are exempt. In addition to typical education settings, it is important to note that there are also no restrictions on the use of ‘indoor gyms, fitness studios, indoor swimming pools, indoor sports courts and other indoor leisure centres and outdoor sports courts and swimming pools by schools or providers for post-16 education or training’ (p.12).

The Department for Education are looking at whether ‘assessment’ can be explicitly included alongside education and training in the legislation. While it is not explicit in the current wording, they consider assessment to be included.

The Department for Education has issued guidance on teaching, learning and assessment in FE contexts.

You may also find the Department for Education’s public health guidance on autumn examinations useful.

You can find the latest updates on delivery in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales here.