A ten year plan for school and college funding

The Education Committee has published a report which calls on the Department for Education to develop a ten-year plan for education funding. This plan needs to focus on, at its core, what schools and colleges are expected to provide and the cost of doing so. It needs to recognise that education is a strategic national priority that has profound consequences across a wide range of social and economic policy issues.

The Committee says in the report that it expects the Department to engage in a frank conversation about what the education sector can and should deliver; develop a coherent vision of what it wants to achieve; and publish detailed bottom-up cost assessments in order to secure an adequate funding settlement from the Treasury. The Exchequer, for its part, must recognise the long-term value for money that would come with substantial investments to fix the underlying problems in an increasingly dysfunctional education funding system.

The full report can be found here: A ten year plan for school and college funding