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Tom Bewick


Tom Bewick is the chief executive of the Federation of Awarding Bodies, the collective voice of the UK’s world-class qualifications and assessment industry. Tom is passionate about the value of qualifications. He left school initially with just one pass grade at O level, the equivalent of GCSE. But thanks to night school and a second chance he achieved a world-class bachelor’s degree and a public policy masters from the University of Bath.

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#LoveAOs and #LoveEPAOs Tour

6 Feb 2019
Lovely to welcome @TomBewick to our head office as part of his #LoveAOs tour to discuss Shaping for Success with our MD @GrahamNOCN1 and Deputy MD Jan Richardson-Wilde

26 Nov 2018
Great to be back on my #LoveAOs tour today – here meeting with the wonderful team that is @TheBIIAB@awardingbodies full member #LoveQuals Talked a lot about the challenges and opportunities of EPA and EQA and the role of quality assurance.