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The research and policy development hub for the awarding and assessment industry, providing information, ideas and advice on qualifications and assessment policy.

Member-led policy communities

We encourage active participation from our full members in shaping the Federation’s policy positions.

By joining our policy communities, you can have your say on the latest policy developments and share your concerns with our Executive Team, Board and colleagues from other member organisations. We also support special interest groups led by members such as our groups in the devolved administrations and our Performance and Creative Arts Forum.

These communities inform the development of our policy positions and strategies, which all full members have the opportunity to discuss at our quarterly National Strategy Forum.

Please see here if you were previously a member of one of our policy groups and want to understand more about the transition to policy communities and any actions you need to take.

National Strategy Forum

The National Strategy Forum develops our national policy positions and advises our board on overall strategy. Every full member of the Federation is represented on the Forum.

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Policy Board

The Policy Board unpacks the views of the National Strategy Forum, Board of Directors and other stakeholders, to understand where clear policy positions are needed.

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The policy communities bring together members to help shape the Federation’s policies. They are overseen by a Lead Member, a member of our Board of Directors who feed the community’s views and concerns into the Policy Board and National Strategy Forum.

Technical Education

This community helps shape policy on all aspects of technical education UK-wide.

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Regulatory Impact

This community reviews and advises on regulatory issues and changes across the UK’s awarding and assessment landscape.

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End Point Assessment and Apprenticeships

This community reviews and advises on all matters relating to end point assessment and EPAOs.

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Public Affairs

This community oversees development and implementation of our public affairs plan and also feeds into the development of our annual conference.

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International Forum

This community reviews and advises on all aspects of international policy and initiatives. This includes a focus on both regulatory policies and business development.

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The special interest groups bring together members to discuss their respective areas and are not part of our formal governance structure. They are member-led and open to full members. Associate members may join the group with prior agreement from the Chair.

Performance and Creative Arts Forum

For those interested in performance & creative arts qualifications.

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Wales Group

A group bringing together members to discuss regulation and policy in Wales.

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Functional Skills Group

A group bringing together members to support one another in the delivery of functional skills.

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Scotland Group

A group bringing together members to discuss regulation and policy in Scotland.

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Northern Ireland Group

A group bringing together members to discuss regulation and policy in Northern Ireland.

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Technology and Innovation in Assessment Working Group

A group bringing together members to discuss how they are using technology and innovating in assessment.

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The Federation has varying levels of involvement in the groups below, which are all awarding-organisation led. They are not formerly affiliated with the Federation and some may include non-members. Details are provided here to support members in collaborating with colleagues on shared topics and issues.

Food Safety

Bringing together members with an interest in food safety qualifications.

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Education & Training Qualifications

Details to follow.

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