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The research and policy development hub for the awarding and assessment industry, providing information, ideas and advice on qualifications and assessment policy.

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The participation of our members in developing our policies is essential to our work. We convene a range of policy, operational and specialist groups to facilitate their input and encourage members to feed into our consultation responses, submissions and requests for evidence. This ensures that our voice is the voice of the experts in qualifications and assessment.

Policy, operational and specialist groups

National Strategy Forum

This group develops our national policy positions and advises our board on overall strategy

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Technical Education Policy Group

This group develops policy on all aspects of technical education UK-wide

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Regulatory Impact Group

This group oversees regulatory issues and changes across the UK’s awarding and assessment landscape

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End Point Assessment Operational Group

This group advises our Technical Education Group on policy and regulatory matters relating to end-point assessment and EPAOs

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Public Affairs Strategy Group

This group oversees development and implementation of our public affairs plan

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Specialist Groups

To encourage wider member participation on issues, from time to time we establish one-off member events and/or endorse other related groups and fora

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Open constulations, submissions and requests for evidence