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Overall position

Functional Skills in maths and English should be available for learners who want to develop and demonstrate their skills in these subjects in a more applied context. The functional aspect of these qualification must continue if the reformed qualifications are to provide a high quality, valid alternative to traditional English and maths qualifications whether this achievement is as part of an apprenticeships or another technical education programme.

Top priorities

We believe that the reform of the Functional Skills qualifications would be strengthened by:

  1. The development of functional skills performance descriptors for use across all awarding organisations.

Action we have taken

Since the reform began, we have

  1. Established our Functional Skills Group which provides an opportunity for members to share issues with their peers and have regular, direct dialogue with representatives who are leading the reform for Ofqual and the Department for Education (DfE).
  2. Secured a place on the Ofqual Functional Skills Oversight Board which meets quarterly to consider progress with the reform programme.
  3. Attended the Ofqual Functional Skills Technical Group which meets to consider the technical detail of the reform proposals.
  4. Facilitated opportunities for members to have detailed discussion of the reformed content with DfE and Ofqual

Our goal

To have high-quality reformed qualifications in place which offer learners a more applied route to achieving nationally recognised and valued qualifications in English and maths.

Key policy documents