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Overall position

Our aims and objectives are in line with those of the regulators; high quality, valid vocational qualifications. We believe that regulation should support the provision of high quality, valid vocational qualifications and not present barriers which get in the way of awarding organisations who seek to achieve this. We therefore welcome regulation which is proportionate and transparent and does not present an undue burden on our members.

Top priorities

We believe that the regulation of technical and vocational qualifications would be strengthened by:

  1. Regulators allowing the market to decide which qualifications best meet its needs rather than seeking to engineer/control the shape of the qualifications market.
  2. Greater coordination by the regulators in the UK to avoid burdening those that they regulate, especially through audit activity and diverging requirements.
  3. Regulators playing a larger role in promoting the value of technical and vocational qualifications and the added assurance their regulation can offer to users of qualifications.
  4. Regulators working collaboratively with awarding organisations to seek effective solutions to issues identified in the technical and vocational qualifications offer, which will contribute to maintaining public confidence in the qualifications offer.

Action we have taken

We have

  1. Established regular meetings between our Board and senior Ofqual representatives where strategic issues can be raised and solutions-based actions agreed.
  2. Established advisory groups in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, which provide an opportunity for members to have regular, direct dialogue with representatives of the regulators.
  3. Secured regular contributions at our Annual Conference from the regulators in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.
  4. Established regular contact with Ofqual in relation to its audit activity to share members? views and support activity to refine the audit approach.

Our goal

To have an effective regulatory system which recognises the different needs of qualifications within the 4 countries of the UK but is effectively coordinated by the regulators to ensure no undue burden is placed on our members.

Key policy documents