Skills Bill – FAB launch debate on the future role of Ofqual & the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education to deliver a more agile quals system

July 14, 2021

As the legislation for the Post-16 Skills and Education Bill continues to be debated in Parliament, the Federation of Awarding Bodies has launched a discussion paper to help improve the Bill.

Publishing the paper, Tom Bewick, our Chief Executive, said:

“With the decision to continue with Ofqual as a regulator of qualifications in England; and the new powers in the Bill granted to the Institute to approve technical qualifications in future; we need to ensure that both these public bodies have the necessary statutory underpinning to carry out their roles effectively.

“The current Bill is insufficient in this regard because it does not clearly define the roles of Ofqual and the Institute in law to ensure a single regulatory framework where all qualifications (i.e. certificates provided by the state or awarding organisations) are regulated and treated in exactly the same way.

“This paper makes practical proposals for how the legislation can be much improved. Crucially, it will ensure a fair and balanced regulatory system for technical qualifications where no public body is able to get way with marking their own homework.

“It will also result in less complexity and cost for the taxpayer at a time when we should be simplifying the skills system.”