Statement from the Federation’s Board on summer awarding

The Federation’s Board has issued a statement (13 August) to call on universities and employers to show ‘maximum flexibility’ towards learners holding grades that may fall short of expectations this summer.

Chief executive, Tom Bewick, said:

We must always remember that this generation of young people have not been able to take exams and formative assessments this year through absolutely no fault of their own.

We call on universities, via UCAS, to show maximum flexibility and indeed provide empathy towards those students looking for a place this autumn, particularly if their grades fall short of expectations. Similarly, we would encourage more employers to offer apprenticeships to young people and to look at the potential of the whole person in the workplace, rather than their detailed grades.

I will be reaching out to the chief executives of Universities UK, UCAS, and UVAC to explore how the Federation’s members can work with them to smooth the path for this summer’s students. I will also ask the Institute for Apprenticeships and Technical Education to work with us on a campaign in the autumn to promote to employers the value that young apprentices below the age of 25 can add to their organisations.

The statement was reported in the TES on Friday 14 August.