Advanced Secure Technologies

Advanced Secure Technologies develops pioneering, innovative secure solutions that protect individuals, organisations and the wider society against fraud.

In the field of education we protect qualifications to ensure that the certification of awards are secure. Safeguarding the integrity of the learning and ensuring that the hard work of all stakeholders, learners, centres & awarding organisations, is rewarded.

Our holistic approach to the development of our secure certification solutions uses multiple layers of security across the full certification process, to stop fraud on qualifications. Crucially our solutions empower learners to control their award documents, making it easy for 3rd parties, such as employers, to verify qualifications in a fully self-service online solution.

Our technologies include:

Digital Certificates – Our secure certification software application delivers:

  • Secure and audited document production
  • Secure laser-printed documents
  • Secure digital documents
  • Smartphone document verification
  • Online award confirmation
  • Document re-print ordering

Secure certification papers – Certificates, Transcripts, Unit Certificates, Membership & Registrations

Secure document design, incorporating corporate identities and branding

Secure laser printers with unique print confirmation technology

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