Gordon Associates

Do you need a new management system for your awarding organisation? A cloud-based system which allows centres to register learners online?

Parnassus from Gordon Associates is the market-leading portal-style Ao business management system which fully embraces RQF, QCF & NQF and any other qualification structures. the system supports the core business functions of an awarding organisation, ie learner registration through to certification.

Parnassus is a portal-style solution – which can be hosted on a web server or installed on an Ao’s internal servers – so that internal staff can use it but any function can be used across the web by centres, EV’s, examiners and other external users – even learners. Parnassus is a flexible, customisable solution that can be used immediately after installation or it can be customised to your organisation’s business processes.

For further information see www.parnassusonline.com or visit www.gordonassociates.co.uk Phone: 01242 529820.