Questionmark assessment and portal solutions enable organisations to measure knowledge, skills and attitudes for certification, channel expertise, workforce learning and regulatory compliance. Questionmark’s assessment management system, available onDemand or for on-premise deployment, enables collaborative, multilingual authoring; multiple delivery options including mobile devices; trustable results and comprehensive analytics.

Questionmark enables learning and assessment professionals to create, deliver and analyse surveys, quizzes, tests and exams. Questionmark’s translation management features and multilingual interfaces streamline localisation and delivery of multilingual assessments. Delivery is optimised for accessibility to accommodate participants with disabilities. Flexible APis and support of major industry standards ensure effective integration and interoperability with a variety of enterprise systems.

Questionmark onDemand, a scalable, rapidly-deployable SaaS solution, offers 99.9+% uptime, available 24/7 support and the peace-of-mind of a secure, iSo accredited European based datacenter.

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