The TALL Group of Companies

The TALL Group’s accredited secure print facilities provide the Education sector with the opportunity to make significant savings by offering an end-to-end service in the print, production and personalisation of Awards Certificates and exam papers, provided to awarding bodies, schools, colleges and Universities both in the UK and Internationally.

With over 25 years experience in the production, inventory management and delivery of certificates, TALL has worked with organisations to reduce the risk of certificate fraud through personalisation using both overt and covert devices and now, implementing the latest technological advancements to introduce RFI chips, secure QR codes and premium laser etched materials to fight fraudulent production and tampering of certificates.

The introduction of these new and advanced technologies offers organisations and users alike the opportunity to follow a chain of provenance, verifying the authenticity of the certificate using a mobile app and on-line verification service provided by the TALL Group.

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