Upcoming training from the Awarding and Assessment Academy

We are in the process of developing our training content for online delivery and bookings will open soon for our core training programme. We are pleased to introduce four new courses to the Academy to support members in how they communicate with the media and enhance public speaking. Featured in the Media, Media Interview Skills and Crisis Interview Training can be booked as standalone courses. If you book a place on three courses, we’ll apply a 10 per cent discount, which will be refunded to your bank account. 

The courses are being delivered by Aysha Iqbal, former reporter and newsreader for BBC spotlight and ITV South West. Aysha has over 16 years of media industry experience working in the British media and is a recipient of the prestigious a Sony Gold Award for her work on a Radio 1 documentary.

The Featured in the Media training course will teach you how to land regular coverage on radio, television and in the print media/magazines building your visibility, credibility and profitability. We show you the simple techniques that you need to master to start generating your own in-house PR activity. Doing so can see your business/social enterprise getting regularly featured in the media, whilst saving yourself thousands of pounds in using a PR firm or advertising. 

The Media Interview Training course will prepare you to handle a media interview with ease and elegance, representing yourself and your organisation in the best light. 

The Crisis Communications Training will cover what to do when a crisis strikes and you need to be able to react swiftly and communicate confidently, protecting your reputation and your business/organisation. With journalists clambering for information, how you manage the media in a crisis is critical and can have long term consequences.

We also have a new Public Speaking Course to help leaders and managers with making a memorable public speech and to help short cut your way to public speaking excellence without the need for years of sweating it out and learning from mistakes and bad experiences.

All courses include two weeks of post-course support from Aysha Iqbal, and a discussion forum for continuing the discussion with peers.

These courses can be booked now at the Awarding and Assessment Academy.